Handle a coffee budget in a Coworking


In associative coworking, certain services are managed on a monthly billing basis. Coffee is one such service. It is regularly purchased from a supplier by one of the coworker, the price is set collectively and everyone is responsible for making sure they pay for their coffee. You can pay online or with coins from the piggy bank.

In practice, nothing could be simpler: just put in a coin for each coffee, or a ticket for the next 5 or via the web... uh, how many have I taken already 🤔?


In order to make things clearer, and avoid risky memory calculations, I decided to set up a simple PWA that lets you know how many coffees a user has, based on his or her budget. As soon as a coffee is launched, simply click on the minus button to deduce the number of coffees remaining. And click on plus if I add money to the piggy bank!

And when the balance is negative, an alert in the app reminds the user to update their coffee budget.

Technical details

The project has been developed with Vue as the main library, accompanied by the Nuxt framework, which enables you to quickly create an optimized app.

You don't need an account to save your coffee budget. The app uses the browser's LocalStorage api to keep track of your number of coffees each time you open it.

The code is available as open source on Github.

The application is deployed on Netlify and available à cette adresse

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